BSA Annual Health and Wellbeing Conference

Marlborough College Malaysia was honoured to be the only international school presenting at the annual Health and Wellbeing conference held by the Boarding School Association (BSA) for leaders in British Boarding Schools across the world.

This year the conference focussed on innovative responses to the pandemic and recommended best practices going forward.

Mr Magnus Cowie, Deputy Head Pastoral, presented, on our use of research to inform action for both pupil and staff wellbeing.

The presentation included:

  1. MCM’s strategic commitment to the principles of positive psychology and our partnership with the world-leading University of Pennsylvania.
  2. Key aspects of research on student and staff wellbeing conducted over the last year.
  3. Steps that were taken in the short, medium and long term.


Mr Cowie said “We are unique in our approach to organisational wellbeing and are delighted to share what has worked for us with other schools. Our belief in such partnerships like ours with the University of Pennsylvania can be hugely rewarding and such an approach is empowering for all parties: the school as a whole; the pupils; the staff and the parents. This is something we want to celebrate and we believe is worth sharing with other schools as we believe the wellbeing of pupils and staff is paramount”.


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