IB Diploma Results 2021

A world-beating IB Diploma performance by Marlborough College Malaysia’s Upper Sixth candidates and their dedicated beaks has been applauded once again. In a year of unprecedented disruption when IB studies were repeatedly moved online by government responses to Covid-19, MCM candidates completed their exams and achieved an outstanding 100% success rate again, surpassing all global and Asia-Pacific benchmarks.


With an average point score across the College which equates to more than 4 A grades at A-Level, it is notable that MCM does not recruit on narrowly academic grounds. It is therefore even more creditable that 20% of Marlborough College Malaysia’s IB candidates – more than twice the global average – achieved 40 points or more; typically, this is sufficient to open doors to the most competitive universities worldwide.


Mr. Alan Stevens, Master of the College, said: “We are delighted by the success of our girls and boys. These results are a richly deserved reward for their ambition, hard work, and resilience in what was an academic year of unprecedented challenges. Their beaks have been inspirational, pivoting between physical lessons and online teaching, and our consideration of pedagogy and how it changes as we switch media has brought real strength to our provision, whatever the medium. The IB Diploma has been recognised in the UK as the gold standard of pre-university qualifications for its breadth, rigour and the fact that its results are not manipulated or inflated under changing external conditions. So our boys and girls have achieved something which they can be justifiably proud.”


Marlborough College Malaysia’s Class of 2021 now needs to decide which offers from the world’s leading universities to accept. As a British school, most offers came from the UK’s elite Russell Group, which includes Oxford, and popular choices for our new undergraduates will again be London for University College, Imperial College, King’s College and the London School of Economics. In North America the Universities of British Columbia and Toronto continue to attract MCM candidates and, south of the border, Ivy League universities on the west and east coasts of the USA have made offers to our candidates, as have leading Australian institutions.


To prepare Sixth Form candidates for such elite universities, MCM offers one of the broadest ranges of IB Diploma subjects in the region, allowing Sixth Form candidates to tailor their curriculum and indulge their strengths within a strong and coherent overall programme. This explains the breadth of undergraduate courses which MCM candidates will again study in the year ahead: a full range of academic courses in natural sciences, humanities and languages, professional courses in medicine, law, finance and engineering and creative studies in different forms of fine art and design.


At Marlborough College Malaysia everyone has the opportunity to complete IB: it is  not reserved only for perceived high achievers and each year it is demonstrated that everyone can succeed with the right guidance and attitude.


MCM’s Sixth Form students also benefit beyond the curriculum from authentic challenges to the intellect and character and a programme that aims to prepare them not just intellectually, but socially and morally for independent living, success and genuine happiness. It is an education for the 21st century.


For more information about MCM’s Sixth Form and IB Diploma Programme, please contact our Admissions Department.


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