Summer Serenade Concert | Prep Music

Welcome to the Summer Serenade Concert


On 18th June 2021, Prep Music Department hosted another spectacular Summer Serenade Concert. Indeed our MCM community continues to be brought together by our Summer Serenade celebration. This year, unlike last year, when the majority of the performances were solo, over 100 students took part with their individual forms. Thank you to our Marketing Department for putting all of the videos together after the pupils submitted them online.

Year 5 opened the event with a thrilling performance of Elder J. Brackett’s ‘Simple Gift’. This was then followed by another Year 5 class performing an African-American spiritual called ‘Peace Like a River’. Year 7 performed ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ with their ukuleles taking us as far as Hawaii before the Strings Ensemble with their relaxing piece, ‘Greensleeves’. Our final three pieces, ‘Count on Me,’ ‘English Country Garden,’ and ‘Waltzing Matilda,’ performed by Year 8, 4, and 6, respectively, brought a unique year to an end.

What made this year’s Summer Serenade even more special and enjoyable was that it didn’t just feature the pupils; families from all over the world were invited to contribute their greetings. Despite the hurdles, we were pleased to see our pupils continue to make music and keep their grins on their faces.

Thank you to all the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to support their children to film their video. And, a big thank you to all the boys and girls who worked extremely hard to submit their videos.

Happy Summer Serenade 2021!

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