An Impressive Year for University Offers

Marlborough College Malaysia is delighted to announce that students in the Upper Sixth have received 100 offers to study at the elite Russell Group of universities in the United Kingdom. 


In addition, all six applicants for Medicine have received offers for this most competitive of courses, which this year include both Scotland and Ireland’s oldest and top-ranked universities, the esteemed St. Andrews in Fife and Trinity College Dublin.


Globally, Marlborough College Malaysia extended its reach once again, adding Japan and Germany as successful destinations of choice and there have been more offers from highly respected universities in Canada, France, Ireland, Malaysia, and the Netherlands.  The UK remains our pupils’ favoured destination, with the USA and Australia attracting a steady number of applications. 


The 2021 cohort have also been awarded 8 Merit scholarships this year from universities in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, with a further 6 awaiting confirmation. 


In what has been a tremendously turbulent and challenging year for the 2021 cohort of students these offers reward their resilience and hard work. We look forward to welcoming them back to the College to share their experiences and their journeys with their ever-interested beaks and fellow pupils.

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