‘Never Such Innocence’ | Remove (Year 10)

Remove (Year 10) pupils were invited to enter the international poetry competition ‘Never Such Innocence’, a charitable foundation that began as a WW1 commemoration project and now emphasises the importance of building connections internationally and encouraging young people to learn about their shared history and heritage.

The theme was The Unheard Stories of Conflict: Stories from Around the World, and with entries from over 99 countries, it was indeed a global movement.

We are proud of our pupils’ contributions in this high standard competition, the winning entries from the competition were published in a digital booklet, available here.

Rich A, Jing Wen N, Emily T, Thomas L-M, Alfie T, Umar S, Elisa S, Jasmine W and Alton W all received Certificates of Commendation for their entries.

Elisa See writes the following about her poem ‘Walking Home’:

“My poem is inspired by the current movement around women’s safety. It is deeply troubling how something as trivial as walking home can result in death. Sarah Everard disappeared while walking home. She did everything ‘right’, just like the narrative voice of my poem. She did as society expected of her. She wore bright clothing, called her boyfriend and stuck to well-lit streets. Yet, she never arrived home.

This overbearing fear is felt by most women, whether it be in an empty bathroom or in a lift with a stranger, making it relatable.

Whilst this is not an obvious example of a conflict— sometimes defined as a clash of opposing feelings or needs— I believe it demonstrates the clash between an ideal world and our harsh reality. Nobody should be afraid to walk home; however, that is not the case, and like most conflicts, there is no easy solution.”

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