Empowering Asean Youth Writing Competition

Lower Sixth pupil, Jasmine Binti Surif, entered the Empowering Asean Youth writing competition in late 2020, writing on the theme “What can school students do to save the environment and support climate action?” in 2020. As climate action is a topic of interest to Jasmine, she loves writing, and she had a lot of free time during lockdown, so she entered. 


The essay that Jasmine submitted is a powerful piece about how the youth are best placed to tackle climate change because of the resources available to them, but how they are in danger of ‘turning climate change into an online trend… letting the issue fade once it is not ‘in-trend’’. Her essay then went on to suggest ways that students can positively impact climate action using their voices. 


On the 4th of May, nearly a year after submitting her essay, Jasmine was awarded third place. This is a phenomenal achievement, and we would like you to join us in congratulating Jasmine and look forward to following her writing career going forward.

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