Easter Boarding Provision

Over 30 boarders remained at Marlborough College Malaysia over the three week Easter holidays as they were unable to travel home during the pandemic. To ensure that they had a safe, restful and varied holiday, an exciting array of activities and trips was available, as well as plenty of opportunity to revise for those taking public exams.

Alongside local day trips, the boarders enjoyed two nights at a local horse riding centre where, as well as riding and learning all manner of equine care from grooming to re-shoeing, they enjoyed batik painting and team building games.

In the final week of the holidays, there was a longer getaway to the tropical island of Sibu in the picturesque South China Sea. This was a particularly relaxing trip with lots of snorkelling, mastering the Tiki Toss and swimming in the crystal clear waters. Some boarders tried scuba diving, with stories of seeing fish that seemed to get larger with each re-telling.

The perfect mix of activities and downtime throughout the holidays ensured that the boarders started the new term fresh-faced and looking forward to the challenges and adventures of the final term of this academic year.


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