World Wildlife Day 2021

To mark this year’s World Wildlife Day on the 3rd March 2021 pupils across the College picked specific areas of interest. 


In the senior school, Mr Duncan and his Remove (Year 10) Geography class discussed the theme for this year’s World Wildlife Day: Forests and Livelihoods –  Sustaining People and Planet. They studied the ways that global farming exploits forests and the impact that this has on ecosystems. The pupils discussed the techniques used by indigenous people to farm forests while causing minimal impact on the environment and suggested how these techniques should be applied to improve the sustainability of global farming. 


In the Prep School, pupils discussed all the wildlife they have seen, their favourite animals, and the importance of wildlife preservation. Pupils reflected on the impact our actions have on the environment and how this affects the wildlife population. 


Bryan from the Prep School said “If we do not protect habitats of animals, then some animals will become extinct, and future generations will not  experience the beauty of the animals, it is on us.” Wise words from a Geographer of the future. 


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