Conversation with Jon Lewis | Sport

This week we started series 2 of the ‘Conversation Series’ with a twist to allow our scholars and wider pupil body the opportunity to ask questions to sporting professionals currently working in the elite game. This week’s talk was with Jon Lewis, current Bangladesh batting coach and Ex-England performance coach.

Jon has over 30 years of experience within the professional game of cricket and he shared his thoughts with the pupils on leadership, the elite athletic make-up (from his perspective) and useful life lessons when working with different teams. It is well documented that there is a huge crossover between sport and business and Jon certainly demonstrated that with his approaches to leadership. He shared his strategies on building a successful team and how he prioritises getting to know each individual before focusing on their technical ability.

Arguably the best insight into his approach when working with top athletes and professionals were the three questions he asks himself:
1. Does (s)he physically want to improve?
2. Does (s)he know how to improve?
3. Is (s)he willing to put in the effort required to make the improvements?

For our young, impressionable athletes to hear these questions can act as a great, honest reflective tool. Jon has nurtured arguably the best cricketer England has produced, Ben Stokes OBE, so this does carry significant weight when thinking about the qualities needed to reach the top of your game. Jon did finish his talk with three non-negotiables that can again be applied to anyone’s holistic development:

1. Learn your own game (understand your own strengths).
2. Team comes first (selfless).
3. Enjoy yourself (positivity breeds positivity).

We will be providing further opportunities for our young athletes to access the world of elite sport both from an athlete’s perspective but also from the team supporting the team/athlete.

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