Prep School Pupils Showcase their Speaking Skills

Never before have speaking and listening opportunities been so fundamentally important for our pupils. Being able to present one’s ideas clearly, confidently and with enthusiasm is an important life skill; during the last two weeks, all pupils in the Prep School have participated in activities which have focused on their ability to speak and listen well.


In Year 8 they have been learning about persuasive techniques and the elements of a great speech. The unit of work has centred around the study of Kampung Baru, a traditional hamlet in the heart of Kuala Lumpur which many people are keen to redevelop. Pupils considered both sides of this controversial proposal and then decided whether they wanted to write a persuasive speech for or against the redevelopment. The unit culminated with a whole year group ‘Kampung Baru Council Meeting,’ where the best speakers presented their ideas to each other. Pupils voted ‘against’ the redevelopment of Kampung Baru based on a number of persuasive arguments from speakers against the project. Special mention to Tvisha Nair who was voted as ‘best speaker’ on the day.


In Year 7 it has been time for our now well-established College MCM Speaking Assessment. Pupils prepared a four minute talk on the theme of ‘Identity,’ (and memorised it), introduced and performed a poem and introduced and read an extract from a book. The talks were diverse and included topics such as pollution, feminism, Ancient Egypt and donuts! Assessment Day took the form of 12 small group google meets over the course of a morning with an examiner assessing each pupil’s performance – nerve-wracking but immensely fulfilling for everybody involved.


Year 6 have also been honing their speaking skills with a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style activity: pupils worked in small google meet groups choosing an invention, coming up with a business plan, designing advertising material and deciding on appropriate celebrities to endorse their products. The finale was a group pitch to a pair of terrifying ‘Dragons’ who had the tricky task of choosing where to invest their money… The pitches were delivered in a mature and professional manner with all pupils contributing with enthusiasm.


‘Endangered Animals’ has been our focus with Year 5 this half term with pupils learning about the features of non-chronological reports and writing their own. These reports – created about an imaginary endangered animal – were then adapted into speeches. The Year 5 pupils then joined pupils in a google meet from different classes to present their speeches and answer questions. All pupils were outstanding; indeed, watch out David Attenborough – there are certainly some budding broadcasters amongst us!

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