November IGCSE Examination Results

High academic standards and top notch teaching and learning lie at the heart of a Marlborough College Malaysia education and a number of pupils at the College have been celebrating excellent IGCSE examination results since their publication a few days ago.


A group of pupils sat early entry examinations in Mathematics in November (these were examinations that were cancelled in the summer session this year) and were rewarded with excellent grades, speaking volumes about MCM’s provision of quality teaching and learning online, when it has been required.


100% of the pupils taking this exam early were awarded A/A* with 86% achieving the top grade of A*. Another A* 9 was awarded to another pupil in their Japanese exam.


Mr Nick Eatough, Head of the Senior School at Marlborough, said “We are delighted to celebrate our pupils’ outstanding achievements prior to the 2021 examinations next term. These outstanding results show the resilience of our pupils and the professionalism of our MCM teachers under even challenging conditions.”

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