Chinese New Year Celebrations 2021

Whilst celebrations for Lunar New Year, Year of the OX may have looked a little different from normal, that did not stop the MCM community from celebrating in full force prior to the half term holiday.

Pre-Prep pupils created and decorated lanterns or crafted their own Ox. Prep pupils designed posters containing information about the history of the festival and various ways to celebrate.

There were performances in Mandarin from across the College. Pre-Prep sang Baby shark, Year 5 performed Hua Hao Yue Yuan and the whole Prep school learnt Yuan qi man man MooMoo da. In the Senior School Shell performed New Year Song with older pupils coming together to perform The Song of Analects. Solos included pupils displaying their musical expertise on the Guzheng (Chinese plucked zither).

Not to be outdone by the pupils, Beaks made surprise appearances dancing, singing, speaking and even rapping in their best Mandarin. Pre-Prep pupils and staff all wore red, yellow, or gold in celebration. For those who continue to learn online, the colours of their clothing were not dulled or the brightness of their smiles. There was even something for parents with an online dumpling making session organised and led by members of the Friends of MCM.

Once again, the resilience and adaptability of the pupils were and continue to be, inspiring. They took to the challenge of celebrating online with their usual excitement, making it another special New Year celebration.

A Happy New Year to all!


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