Welcome Back Nursery, Reception, Hundred and Upper Sixth

Beautiful clear blue skies welcomed our youngest and oldest pupils back to the College site this morning. Pupils in Nursery, Reception, Hundred (Year 11) and Upper Sixth were back on site to receive their lessons face-to-face from their Beaks (teachers) alongside physically distanced friends.

Excited pupils from the four-year groups were granted permission to return to College ready for classes this morning. For the Hundred and Upper Sixth being back onsite – able to receive face-to-face lessons from their Beaks is invaluable as they prepare for their IGCSE and IB Diploma examinations.

The highest level of precautions continues to take place to ensure the safety of all on-site. Enhanced measures continue to operate which include mandatory mask wearing for all and staggered meal times. The College has worked hard to create the safest possible environment for everyone and how MCM is operating is explained in greater detail within the “How the College will operate during the Pandemic” booklet.

These year groups are not the only pupils that are fortunate enough to be on-site; they join the boarders, some of whom have been at school since August 2020, benefiting from exceptional pastoral care and stability which MCM offers to boarders especially during this most challenging of times.


MCM hopes to be able to welcome all pupils back to College in the near future.

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