U.S. Election | Global Politics

The impact of the United States presidential election will be felt globally. With this in mind, the Global Politics department at MCM developed an election process to be held on campus which aimed to recreate certain critical aspects of the U.S. election.

Originally, the Senior School was to be divided into three categories based on the ways in which ballots would be cast. One group would ‘mail-in’ voting slips, while another would identify their preferred candidate online. The last group of voters were to vote in person at a polling station at the College but due to school closures during the week of the election, the in-person voting was not able to move forward. However, pleasingly, the mail-in option was still able to go ahead amongst boarding pupils residing at the College. The main aim of this project was to draw attention to the importance of different voting processes during an election, studying how online, in-person and early voting can affect turnout and the overall result.

Voting was also organised along the lines of the US Electoral College system with each house representing a different state. This further allows our Politics students to analyse the results based on gender, age group and various other demographics, providing a real insight into voter behaviour and dynamics.

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