Sports Provision during School Closure

Sport is as old as humanity itself. It’s kept us fit and healthy while building strong communities and boosting morale. With the current closure of the College, MCM sees the importance of sports as being ever more relevant not only for pupils but the whole College community.

From daily challenges for younger pupils to online HIIT sessions for older pupils. Yoga and Strength and Conditioning sessions are available online to enable pupils and staff the ability to keep active and keep moving. House spirit is still going strong with house competition challenges integrated within the sport challenges.

For our boarding pupils, early morning and evening clubs are running to make full use of the state of the art equipment and facilities which they are lucky enough to have including supervised use of the gym, swimming and running. In addition, specialist onsite coaching.

Outside of MCM, the sports department is working with our surrounding clubs, we are running an extra after school Pirates Rugby session midweek, JBI football is also running an extra session at the Bale club.

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