Safeguarding Award during Covid-19

Marlborough College Malaysia is delighted to have been presented with an international Award for Safeguarding during Covid-19.

The Safeguarding Initiative Global Awards are run by The Safeguarding Alliance which is the top UK provider of support and guidance on safeguarding and has links with schools and universities around the world. This award has been designed to publicly recognise schools which have demonstrated an exceptional safeguarding initiative during Covid-19 to keep children and young people safe.

The Award was assessed against three criteria: how the school adapted safeguarding policies and procedures, how the school identified vulnerable pupils and ensured that they are kept safe and how the school has been innovative in their approach to safeguarding children and young people during Covid-19.

The College put together a unique quarantine service with the approval of the relevant authorities in order for children to return to Malaysia from other countries. Pupils were transported from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) and quarantined at a local 5-star hotel. MCM staff worked alongside the hotel and authorities to provide personal 24/7 care for pupils for the duration of their quarantine until they were able to rejoin their extended family back at MCM.

The Master, Mr Alan Stevens said ‘We are committed to safeguarding our pupils, parents and staff at all times and we have worked tirelessly in creating a safe return to College and a safe environment within the College during these difficult times, we are proud to be recognised by the Safeguarding Alliance in this manner’.

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