IGCSE Geography Field Trip 2020

Before half-term, 21 IGCSE Geography students participated in a range of quantitative and qualitative data collection and investigation exercises around Kota Tinggi, Penyabong, and Mersing.

The trip, supported by the Radiant Camps team, exposed the pupils to numerous new field skills and helped consolidate their learning from the classroom. They tackled physical and human topics alike; including coastal and riparian environments (lands that occur along watercourses and water bodies) the urbanisation gradient, aquaculture, and factors driving population shifts.
On the final day, the group was even granted a presence into the Mersing State Council where they received talks on urban development projects and coral reef conservation.

This preparation for both familiar and unfamiliar topics will prove hugely beneficial in the May exams – as will the continued emphasis on key terminology and technical language during their lessons until then.

These educational elements of the trip were matched by the equally important ‘fun-factor’ as pupils completed sea kayaking, coastal hikes, and plenty of swimming and evening beach games. This immersion in the local geography was a fantastic experience for the pupils who engaged thoughtfully and behaved immaculately whilst following the SOP guidelines. A huge thank you must be given to Hanis and the Radiant team who willingly shared their expert knowledge and insights with the pupils and ensured there was never a dull moment.

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