Digital Learning at MCM


Quality education is about developing our pupils to be global citizens, ready to engage in the real world in a creative, productive and positive manner. When our pupils and teaching staff first experienced online learning in March, and again now in November, we have to be reluctantly thankful for the electronic devices and internet connectivity that means learning can not only continue but incorporate full academic and co-curricular development. Creativity and fitness have not stalled with online PE, Art, Music and DT. Academic progress continues to be made and new technology based teaching practices are seamlessly introduced.


At Marlborough College Malaysia digital learning has been embedded in our curriculum by design, with the underpinning philosophy that technology is only introduced where it enhances learning. This means that wherever our pupils are, these methods of teaching and learning will continue; online quizzes, building models digitally, collaborative video message boards, digital notebooks, the list goes on. This allows flexibility in our curriculum, where blended online and classroom learning coexist to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world. Whilst we would always prefer our pupils to be physically in our classrooms we know, with certainty, that our quality education is delivered regardless of location.

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