Video: Michaelmas Half Term Music Concert

“Connecting Our Communities through Music…”

This was the first online concert of the academic year 2020/2021. Over  30 pupils across the Prep School, both online and onsite, day and boarding pupils have been involved. The theme chosen for the evening was ‘Connecting our Communities Through Music’ which was aimed at reminding parents that music has power to connect people wherever they may be. We were thrilled by the quality of repertoire and performances. What was even more unique about this concert was the variety of instruments which were represented.

The concert begins with a beautiful classical piece ‘Pastore Svizzero: II’ performed by Daisy (flute). This was then followed by a ‘Minuet in G’ performed by Iris (piano), ‘Ode to Joy’ performed by Mavis (French horn),  ‘Always with Me’ performed by Janice (guitar), ‘The Two Grenadiers’ performed by Kenneth (violin), ‘Mysterious Stranger’ performed by Rachel (piano), ‘Air’ performed by Vanessa (violin), ‘Lemon Tree’ performed by Alice and Wendy (ukulele), ‘Falling’ performed by Oscar, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ performed by Salwa and Hailey (flute), ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ performed by Jai, Toby, Soshiro and Olivier (trumpet), ‘Summer’ performed by Bryan (piano), ‘A Million Dreams’ performed by Louis (guitar and singing),  ‘Song 2’ performed by Max (drum), ‘Annie’s Song’ performed by YoYo (flute), ‘To Believe’ performed by Isabel, Emily, Cynthia and Ying Ying (singing), ‘La Chevaleresque’ performed by Ariel (piano) and finally the concert was rounded off by YoYo and Cynthia’s duet,  ‘Waltz from Sleeping Beauty’ (flute).

Many thanks to all of the performers for their dedication and hard work which they put in to ensure the quality of this concert. The Music and Marketing Departments who have made sure that we can enjoy music across the Prep community.

Online Michaelmas Half Term Concert Programme


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