Shell Scholars 2020

Pupils of MCM heading towards the Senior School and into Shell (Year 9) have the opportunity to apply for a Scholarship in either Academic, Drama, Music or Sport. After a vigorous process of applications, assessments and interviews, a talented few are awarded the accolade of Shell Scholars.

The 2020/2021 Shell Scholars are made up of 14 pupils which is the largest cohort to date as Drama and Music Scholarships were new additions to the programme for this year.

Scholars are given an enriching, demanding and varied set of opportunities along with mentoring to help them to discover more about themselves and their abilities. They have been selected to naturally take a lead and help others to aspire to excellence as well.

Scholars are just embarking on their journey but they have already enjoyed a team-building session together, a number of dedicated sessions in their specialisms and for the Academic Scholars, Latin classes have begun.

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