Prefects’ Supper

An afternoon of downpours and leaden skies made way for a beautiful, clear evening just in time for the sixteen College Prefects of the 2020/21 academic year to arrive at the Master’s Lodge for a dinner to celebrate their appointment. Over pre-dinner soft drinks, each Prefect recorded his or her signature in a very special book first signed by Her Majesty, Rajah Zarith, upholding a tradition since the College’s inception.

Together with the Master and Mrs Stevens, Mr Eatough, Mrs Eaton-Jones, Mr Cowie and Mr Holden, the Prefects were able to enjoy a delicious three-course meal specially prepared by the catering team and even the important requirements of social distancing couldn’t prevent a wonderfully, relaxed evening full of conversation and laughter. It was a pleasure to see this cohort of pupil leaders enjoy each other’s company in a brief respite from academic deadlines and Prefects’ responsibilities, in what has been a remarkably challenging year. As ever, it is reassuring to know that with young people of this calibre poised to go out into the world, we know we will be in good hands.

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