Model United Nations at MCM

Model United Nations at MCM has attracted record attendance this term, and having practised their research and debating skills in our Friday activity sessions, twenty-six delegates gathered on Saturday 3rd October for an afternoon of formal debate in the Senior Theatre. Expertly chaired by Hafiz Ahmad-Nazhri (L6) with co-chair support from Avikgna Linganathan, Brandon Tan and (a remotely connected) Joao Nina Matos (all L6), our session was structured around two resolutions, one focused on the Syrian refugee crisis, and the other on the provision of medication, vaccination and PPE to LEDCs battling the global COVID19 pandemic. It was fantastic to see pupils representing a cross-section of the MCM community in attendance, including a number of our Shell cohort who gave their more experienced peers a run for their money with their eloquent speeches and probing points of information. Equally, the event enticed some Lower Sixth pupils who had not previously taken part in MUN and it was lovely to see them grow in confidence as the afternoon progressed.

In our first debate delegates considered how far UN member states should and could be held responsible for protecting citizens in LEDCs, where national infrastructures cannot support a robust response to the pandemic such as that seen in many wealthier countries. The debate also led to a fierce discussion about the role of the WHO in the current climate and its connection to the current Chinese administration. Elisa See (Re) shone in the debate, challenging the Russian delegate with confidence and Max Int’ Hof (Re) relished the opportunity to represent the United States in questioning the agenda of the WHO’s Director-General. In our second debate, Carolyn Chessher (Hu) dominated as a defender of the rights of refugees to live and work in security, urging compassion in considering those who flee war-torn countries. Surya Singh (Hu) championed good debating procedure with her pertinent points of order, and several Shell pupils, notably Florence Gibbon and Hattie Barry, delivered concise and pithy points showing astute understanding of the issues of the day.

At the conclusion of our debates, we were delighted to have successfully passed one of the two resolutions, and we look forward to our next MCMUN Saturday debate in the Lent Term.

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