House Spirit Day | Prep School

The Prep School was even more colourful and vibrant last Friday as pupils and Beaks came together to celebrate the first House Spirit Day.

The aim of the day was for everyone to enjoy a day dedicated to the houses to which they belong, celebrate and welcome new members to their houses which include the new House Captains, Beaks and pupils in some friendly, all-inclusive activities throughout the day.

Everyone wore their Chichester (red), Hunt (blue), Merlin (green), or Seymour (yellow) coloured housetops and enjoyed a multitude of events which included a handball and keep ups competition, art activities and a dance-off which took place both at school and at homes, for those pupils who are learning online currently.

Pupils also took the opportunity to contribute to the ‘What does house spirit mean to you’ board. The quotes included ‘lots of fun’ ‘Working as a team’ ‘Having fun with friends from lower and upper years’

It was an extremely busy day for everyone – but one which was a great way to start House Events for the year and most probably a new annual event.

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