Come Out of Your Shell

On Saturday morning, pupils from Shell headed to Desaru Beach for a day filled with activities and adventure. Upon arrival the pupils were split into their house teams, after a safety briefing, the day’s activities begun.

The first item on the list was an all encompassing treasure hunt, where both the pupils’ minds and bodies were tested with a combination of mental tests, in the form of riddles and logic questions, as well as physical tasks which required teamwork and precision. The challenges included toppling a tower of counters with water pistols, balancing on surfboards, volleyball rallies, netball and football goal scoring, firing and catching water balloons, and moving a can from the inside of a circle to the outside of the circle without either touching the can or entering the circle. The reward for completing each task was a jigsaw puzzle piece which they had to complete to finish the treasure hunt. 

The pupils had to show great innovation to complete the tasks whilst also following the physical distancing rules, an added challenge which they overcame superbly. After the last water balloon was catapulted into the awaiting parachute, it was time for lunch, a delicious BBQ which was well earnt and much needed.

The next activity on the agenda was banana boating for those daring enough, or a swim in the sea for those that preferred to be jumping through waves rather than skimming over the top of them. The sun may not have been shining through the clouds but our little spot on Desaru Beach was bathed in smiles and laughter as the pupils proved you’re never too old to run away from waves. 

The trip was the first activity in the new ‘Come Out of Your Shell’ programme which has been designed to help Shell pupils adopt the core values and behaviours that will serve them well throughout their time at MCM and beyond.  

The key areas that are being focused on throughout the programme are as follows:

  • Developing pupil’s confidence and courage to ‘have a go’
  • Encouraging pupils to put an emphasis on participation, enjoyment and personal achievement (whatever their level of ability or experience)
  • An expectation that pupils show commitment and perseverance in all that they do
  • Challenging pupils so that they experience adversity that helps them to develop their resilience
  • Developing their ability to collaborate and work within a team
  • Giving pupils opportunities to show initiative, proactivity and to be self-reliant
  • Developing their leadership skills and promoting in them a desire to support and serve others

It can be safely said that Saturday’s trip was a perfect launch for the ‘Come Out of Your Shell’ programme. Everyone threw themselves wholeheartedly into each challenge and activity with great gusto and enthusiasm. Every pupil demonstrated great teamwork skills as they encouraged and supported each other throughout the day. 



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