Beagle Hash 2020/21

Last Friday welcomed the much-anticipated return of the Beagle Hash. The boarding community came together in their respective, colourful, House Swipes to enjoy a run in the local plantation which adjoins MCM’s grounds.

This first Beagle Hash of the 2020/21 academic year was organised and route plotted by the boys of Wills House. After a short walk to the start, the runners set off into the depths of the plantation and navigated their way through the palms, across a river (without the aid of a bridge). Pupils and staff followed a route with the aid of some paper markers and it included a number of ‘false’ trails. The infamous ‘On On’ call echoed through the jungle as the leaders confirmed the route to those following from behind. It was a superb team event with older pupils showing the younger ones the way to go.
After completing the course, with a fantastic uphill sprint finish, everyone headed back to Court for the traditional delicious curry supper complete with brownies for pudding as the sun set.

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