Best Community Work Award Finalist

Marlborough College Malaysia is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Best Community Work Award in the forthcoming Boarding Schools Association Awards for 2020.

The award, launched in 2019, aims to highlight the work undertaken in the community by boarding schools across the world.

MCM has been shortlisted due to outstanding Outreach program which runs through the College and focuses on three areas:

  • Charitable Fundraising provides the opportunity for pupils, parents, and the wider Marlborough community to work together and gives us the chance to donate to important local/global causes.
  • Community Service sees pupils and Beaks (teachers) give their expertise and time to causes that aid others locally and throughout Malaysia.
  • Awareness Building gives pupils the opportunity to improve their understanding of the big issues facing the world.

“Pupils are taught to recognise their privilege of attending MCM with an understanding of the responsibility that it places upon them. So, at some stage in their adulthood, they will give something back, in whatever meaningful form is available to them. We endeavour to foster this personal development in all pupils in daily school life and particularly through Outreach. The underlying principle of all of the Outreach projects is to build lasting relationships, making pupils’ contributions more meaningful than the anonymity and distance of more typical school fundraising.” said The Master, Mr Alan Stevens.

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