Student Investor Challenge | Senior School

Pupils of MCM took part in The Student Investor Challenge which gives pupils the chance to experience what it’s like to invest in stocks and shares. Teams, consisting of four members aged between 14 and 19, invest virtual money in the stock market to see who can get the best results.

In 2019/20 just under 10,000 teams took part from schools across the world. Timothy Whang, Lower Sixth, writes about his experience.

“I found the Student Investor Challenge to be a fun and an exciting experience which helped me to develop skills such as analytical reasoning, source evaluation and teamwork while exposing me to the complex world of finance and investment banking.

As all of my team members were new to the Student Investor Challenge, we initially found some difficulties getting started; for example, we failed to use the practice investor portfolio available to all participants before the challenge, and we lost a significant portion of our portfolio in the first few weeks. However, we quickly adapted, and from then onwards we steadily gained position. Less than a month into the challenge, my team reached the top of the MCM league and outperformed the FTSE100 Index (used as a benchmark to compare our performance), and we were surprised to see ourselves in the top 20% of teams worldwide.

The competitive and fast-paced nature of the challenge helped us to learn new and important skills. We made use of online resources such as investor relations statements and financial reports by investment banks to determine the best companies to invest in, as well as crowd-sourced websites such as Seeking Alpha. I would urge anyone with an interest in finance or current affairs to try it.”

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