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Several former pupils of Marlborough College Malaysia have put their heads together and launched a discussion website for youth, run by youth. Read more from Shyam Bhuller, CEO of discere.org.


In an unprecedented global pandemic, millions of students across the globe found their schooling careers coming to an early end. Myself, along with other MCM students found ourselves in this very situation. With school coming to a close, we could either wait for our next source of education or take learning into our own hands. 


Initially taking on the shape of Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens, we discussed and challenged the book’s notions, and most importantly we were seeing peer learning. However, In a few weeks, we would yet again be impacted by a global event. The tragic death of George Floyd brought the need for education amongst the youth. Resultantly, we set up online weekly discussions with students ranging from a variety of year groups. The product was an environment where students were discussing and sharing their knowledge; for youth; by youth. 


The effectiveness and engagement of these discussions sparked a realisation that we needed to expand our platform to a larger scale. Thus, Discere was born. A website where students all over the world can share their knowledge and learn from one another. Our goal is to bring learning into the hands of the youth, whereby any form of content can be posted on any sort of topic. Whether it’s breaking down how the stock market works or sharing your opinions on climate change: through Discere, students have the ability to share, learn and discuss. Students can publish articles through our collaboration page found here. 


Our Mission is also to democratise one of the most valuable sources of information: advice from the experienced. Through a series of interviews, we uncover some of the most asked questions and gather insights from a range of experts from a variety of fields. Through ‘Insights with Experts’, we wish to bridge a pathway for the youth to connect and form valuable relationships with professionals.


Whether it’s sharing or absorbing knowledge, every student has the ability to do both. As Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius, But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid”. Discere is here to provide the youth with a channel to express their interests and abilities. Our site can be visited at discere.org

Parents can get involved at Discere by filling out this google form.


Shyam Bhuller, CEO discere.org

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