Welcoming Pupils Back | Senior School

This morning we were delighted to welcome back some pupils from Remove (Year 10) and the Lower Sixth. The wet weather didn’t dampen spirits as the new SOPs were put into action.

Pupils and parents checked-in by electronic app and had their temperatures taken at the main school gate prior to being dropped-off outside Court before starting lessons at 8.30 am.

The College has made a number of changes to the way that the school operates including the introduction of a new one-way system and classrooms altered to ensure that social distancing is adhered to. It also includes packed lunches pre-ordered ready for lunchtime.

Beaks (Teachers) will now be delivering lessons to both pupils, who are able to be physically in their classrooms and those who continue to receive online learning from their homes across the world.

Even though MCM breaks-up for the end of the academic year this Saturday these three days will enable some fortunate pupils to re-familiarise themselves with the College and reconnect with some of their friends.


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