Summer Serenade | Prep Music

‘Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Music’

Summer Serenade 2020 Programme

The Prep School Music Department has organised an online concert to mark the end to this Summer term and academic year 2019/2020.

The concert, which took place on the 19th June at 5:30 pm, was the Department’s second online concert which featured over 30 pupils across Pre-Prep and Prep School. The theme chosen for the evening was ‘Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Music’.

Pupils submitted their performances online and worked independently from their homes. We were pleased by the quality of repertoire submitted which was a true reflection of the theme for the evening, featuring different traditional folk tunes music from around the world.

Children dressed in their home countries’ traditional clothes, and this added even more ambience to the show. Parents were encouraged to view online wearing their traditional attires.

The concert ended with children performing the National Anthem of Malaysia, performed as a courtesy to Malaysia for the peace and freedom we, at MCM, continue to enjoy.

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