Upper 6th ‘Lockdown Leavers’ Social

At a time when almost everything we have been looking forward to has been written off due to Covid-19, the cancellation of the Leavers Ball 2020 was perhaps the hardest for our Upper 6th leavers to take. It is the final right of passage for those that have grown-up with us and it marks the end of one’s time at MCM and the beginning of exciting new adventures. It is also a time to be together as a whole cohort for probably the last time. 


Not to be outdone by events this year, the Marlburian Committee were very keen to put something special on for the Upper 6th to mark what would have been the day of the last IB exam and also the night of the ball. And so, the concept of the ‘2020 Lockdown Leavers Online Party’ was born. If we couldn’t all be together in person this year, we were still going to make the best of it and share some memories and a few jokes. And so, at 18:30 sharp on the evening of 22nd May our leavers got together online from far and wide to celebrate the Class of 2020. 


Without the black tie formalities of the traditional Leavers’ Ball, a fancy dress hat competition was felt to be more appropriate to add a bit of spice to the grid of smiling faces on our screens. As our guests ‘arrived’, they were sent a link to upload a short video clip of themselves showing off their hat creations. These were then voted on later by the group for some serious cash prizes! Our first event was a Kahoot quiz, put together with the assistance of the Marlburian Committee. It featured a variety of rounds, however the ‘Guess the Baby Beak’ and ‘Guess the Baby 6th Former’ were definite highlights, along with a round of interesting facts about some of the beaks and 6th formers. Who’d have known that Mr Lennard was once struck by lightning or that Nhu Nguyen kept a pet pig when she was a small child? Congratulations to Agung Mann for winning the quiz by a very impressive margin.  Congratulations are also due to the winners of the fancy dress hat competition, A’an Supiee and Caoimhe Mooney. All of our winners received Amazon vouchers to spend on a gift of their choice.


After the quiz, it was time for some words of wisdom. The floor was opened up to anyone who wanted to say a few words and we were grateful to hear from Darcy Tomlinson and Arvin Silva who both spoke emotionally about their time at MCM and what a special group of people made up the current Upper 6th. 


One of the ideas of the Marlburian Committee for the evening was an online disco. The idea was that anyone could upload a video of themselves dancing and we could then vote on the best one. ‘Dance-offs’ have been a regular feature at this cohort’s social events and we thought that this might just work! And it did… sort of, but with only one entrant! Arvin was the only one brave enough to record himself dancing, and he dazzled us with his dance moves, easily stealing the show. And by default, he won the prize for best dancer!


No leavers event would be complete without a few words from the Head of Sixth Form and the Head of IB. And so, in a much less formal manner than previous leavers’ events, Dr Tomlinson and I delivered some heartfelt words to the year group, with a particular focus on how impressed and proud we all are of them for the remarkable way in which they have dealt with recent events.  Dr Tomlinson also managed to get a song in… it just wouldn’t have been the same without this! We felt it would also be appropriate to hear from our Senior Prefects and were delighted that Shyam Bhuller and Nannarelle Hundertmark were able to encapsulate the feelings of us all at the end of this particular MCM journey. Our grateful thanks to them for such special words. 


The song ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers has become somewhat of an anthem for this year group and has been played at the end of every social event so far. This was no exception, and as control of the music was handed over to Morgan Davies, we all sang along to the track and felt the special bond of friendship that ties this group together. 


It has been a huge privilege working with these fine young people over the years. Saying goodbye is never easy, but at least we were able to get everyone together for one last time and let them know how proud we are of them. 


And one thing is absolutely for certain; the Class of 2020 will always be remembered! 


Mr Greg Holden, Head of 6th Form

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