Conversation with Susannah Townsend

In this weeks episode of the ‘Conversation with’ series Pupils, Parents and Beaks listened to Jamie Lennard, Director of Sport speak with Olympic Gold medallist Susannah Townsend MBE.

Susannah has amassed 167 international caps, along with a plethora of medals from various tournaments around the world. The topic of conversation leads to her trials and tribulations in the build-up to winning the coveted Olympic Gold and all the preparation the team did to ‘guarantee’ success. Many academics and sports fanatics have researched and analysed the team’s success from the 2016 Olympics. To hear about the legendary ‘Thinking Thursday’ devised by coach Danny Kerry, was a remarkable insight into what made the team so successful.

Susannah has a wealth of experience and has developed the self-awareness to adapt her training to manage her body in an attempt to win a second gold medal with GB at the 2021 Olympics. At the end of the conversation, we completed the traditional quick-fire 10 questions from the pupils. When asked what her favourite quote was, Susannah delivered an eloquent personal reflection that should speak volumes to any pupil currently involved in school sport.

“Believe in yourself, have a good time and appreciate the small things. It’s all about the moments in the changing rooms and the moments with your teammates. Parents, teachers and coaches don’t see that. It is your moment whether your playing for school, club or internationally. Enjoy those little moments with your friends because that is what it’s all about”.   

-Susannah Townsend, 2020

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