Conversation with Jasmine Carlin and James Guy


In this weeks episode of the ‘Conversation with’ series Pupils, Parents and Beaks listened to Jamie Lennard, Director of Sport speak with Olympic Silver medalists Jasmine Carlin and James Guy.

In this insightful talk, Jasmine and James gave a detailed and honest account of the trials and tribulations in the sport of swimming. Messages of how their formative years in the pool shaped their character and developed a strong mindset. Their experiences of failed performances and having to deliver with the weight of expectation against the likes of superstars such as Michael Phelps, who is often described as the best athlete of all time, are all discussed in this talk. The discussions led to the fascinating insights of the ‘Olympic push’, the constant need to refocus on the positive moments in training and the need to persist when things are not going as planned. Jasmine is now retired and is putting her energy into her performance business and James is surprisingly excited by having another year to prepare with his new coach in the attempt to win an Olympic gold medal at Rio, 2021.

Jazmin Roxy “Jazz” Carlin was a British competitive swimmer, who represented Wales and the Great Britain swimming team. Jazz’s career highlights are as follows:
Olympic Games 2016: 2 silver medals (400m and 800m freestyle)
European Champions 2015: 2 x Gold medals (800m & 400m freestyle)
Commonwealth Games: 1 x Gold, 2x Silver, 1 Bronze (200m, 400m and 800m freestyle)
James Guy is an English competitive swimmer who has represented Great Britain in multiple competitions. His highlights, to date include:
Olympic Games 2016: 2 silver medals (4x 200m freestyle and 4x100m medley)
World Championships: 4 Gold medals (200m freestyle, 4x200m medley & 4x100m medley)
European Champions 2015: 4 x Gold medals (4×100 medley, 4x100m mixed medley, 4x200m freestyle)
Commonwealth Games: 1 x Gold medal (4x100m medley)

Next week in the ‘conversation with’ series we will be speaking with England Netball star Fran Williams. The conversation will be themed around all things Netball, female sporting disparity and her thoughts about where England Netball are looking to improve after a Semi-final defeat in the recent World Cup.

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