Photography Activities Club | Senior School

Mr Arscott’s Photography activities club has a weekly challenge set by guest speakers. The speaker presents a topic to the pupils from which they must then capture the best photograph they can.
The theme for the first week was ‘Nature in Lockdown’ and this winning photo, below, “Dead Roses” was, somewhat poetically, the result of some roses taken out of the family dustbin. It was taken by Jing Min Teo. She said, “I think it fits well into the current Covid-19 situation which has changed our perspective of the world and life itself. The crisis has taught us how fragile life can be and that we should appreciate it while we can. It continues to teach us to cherish those that we love and work together and live as one.” Mrs Calverd, last year’s staff photo competition winner, judged the competition, before giving the talk on the benefits of black and white photography she said “The winning photo had a beautiful contrast in colour. Alongside the dead flower, there is still some bright life. A nice reflection of lockdown, that despite some of our old ways of doing things may be dying out, there is still hope for generating new and better ways.”

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