Summer Term Online Learning

Monday welcomed the start of the Summer Term at MCM. With online learning in full swing across the whole College, the term has started off on as positive a note as possible. Whilst not physically together the Beaks and pupils have enjoyed being back together in their virtual classrooms. The term began with assemblies, tutor or form meetings where everyone shared their experiences of the past three weeks and then timetabled lessons started in earnest.

From Pre-Prep to Seniors, the newly revised Summer Term 2020 timetables rolled into action.

Pre-Prep and Prep school:
Building on the feedback from the final week of Lent term stood everyone in great stead for the start of the new term. All pupils received the first of their bi-weekly Curriculum plans specifically tailor-made for online / distance learning for their specific age group. MCM pupils from Year 3 upwards have their own devices which gives access to a fantastic range of apps to assist learning away from the classroom. Timetables have been adapted to include more Form Time and assemblies to endeavour giving the feel of being together, even when we are not. The importance of sport is essential so different challenges and skill-based tasks are created for all children.

Senior School:
The online teaching and learning experience has got off to a fine start in the Senior School. Beaks have enjoyed the challenge of adapting their teaching styles and the pupils have been engaging very enthusiastically. We are blending both online learning with offline tasks, with a view to striking the right balance in terms of the amount of time pupils are in front of their screens.

Online sessions have not stopped with academic endeavours; pupils are enjoying the opportunity to meet 1:1 with their Tutors weekly and Mr Eatough is ‘meeting’ with each year group weekly as well – he has already enjoyed speaking to Shell and Hundred and the Lower Sixth for their assembly so far. Furthermore, add into the mix the live workout sessions and VLE instructional videos being posted by the Games department and we have what we hope is a successful formula and aim to give our pupils the best possible experience in these unusual circumstances.

Our boarding community continues to thrive with Housemasters and Housemistresses having regular online assemblies with their boarding pupils, spread all over the world currently. Offering them support, whether it be with their work or wellbeing. Day houses are also joining together in assemblies, competitions and challenges – currently in conjunction with Earth Day pupils, are exploring creativity around the home.

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