Face Shield Production | Design and Technology

Head of DT – Mr Andrew Mason, was eager to lend his skills to help in the fight against Covid-19 this has resulted in the successful manufacture of face shields for front line doctors and nurses at the local hospital.

Mr Mason has been working hard to design a face shield, which would be cheap, mostly reusable/sterilizable and importantly gain NHS (UK) accreditation in due course. There are many models available but all supplies are very low. Having contacted the local hospital in Johor directly and getting official permission to work on the project, Mr Mason started the process in earnest.

The shields are a laser-cut polypropylene sheet head strap with replaceable transparent PETg sheets for the visors. It took 10-15 concepts before proceeding with the first 200 units. Mr Mason has shared this design with Design and Technology Teachers globally and received excellent feedback. He is continuing to fine-tune the design. There are many 3D printed models of these types of shield currently being produced globally however they take two hours to manufacture, Mr Mason’s design takes two minutes to manufacture and two minutes to assemble.

Mr Mason said, “We delivered 130 units to Hospital Permai yesterday, to very grateful doctors and nurses. It was extremely humbling to be able to give something to those working tirelessly against this virus”.

Going forward the aim is to get a standardised, accredited design which can be shared globally.

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