Ear Guards for Health Workers | Design Technology

Building on the work that Mr. Mason did during the Easter break, he has since engaged the help of Year 10 and Lower 6 pupils to create products that support healthcare workers in Johor. Pupils responded to Dr. Ng Kim Fong’s brief with a sense of urgency and purpose. They were asked to design ear guards for children visiting Hospital Sultanah Aminah during this difficult period, and despite the tight schedule, their outcomes were impressively professional.

Pupils used advanced software to create manufacturing files during online lessons, which were laser cut overnight and sent to Dr. Fong the following day. Special mention goes to Towa Takeshige and Kaitlyn Strika, who produced designs that Dr. Fong was particularly pleased with.

MCM has manufactured and donated over 2,000 ear-guards for Malaysian hospitals. There is now a significant demand for MCM ear guards because they improve comfort and make it easier for those wearing hijabs, to replace and adjust face masks. Dr. Fong has sent our ear guards to healthcare professionals across the state.

“By including pupils in meaningful projects, they become excited to participate and engage in online learning,” said Mr. Mason.

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