IB Theatre Class | Upper Sixth

On Thursday, March 12th the Upper Sixth IB Theatre class demonstrated their talent in their final public showcase as MCM pupils.

The evening opened with the piece, ‘Scales of Judgement’, which was a fast-paced performance exploring the stereotypes teenagers can be forced into, considering its toll on an individual’s physical or mental state. Some hard-hitting facts were included along with the juxtaposition of a game show reflecting society’s oftentimes callous nature; and the message for parents of teenagers, who were the target audience, was clearly hit home. The pupils began their project by looking at the devising process of the theatre companies Gecko and Beady Eye, as well as using the pilot episode of the show ‘Euphoria’ as their starting point. Imaginative movement sequences and excellent lighting provided by Mr James Leech helped create a strong focus on the theme.

The second group changed the pace and atmosphere of the evening with their poetic piece ‘Epilogue’, which presented as a writer’s account of an artist and his perilous obsession with perfection and a painting that comes to life. As a parable, they asked their target audience of Arts students to consider pitfalls and during their piece, they even opened the theatre doors to challenge people to leave the tragic tale if they so wished. Their starting point was focused on the story of ‘Pygmalion’ and the painting ‘Starry Starry Night’ by Van Gogh, and the group had considered the devising approaches of Vanishing Point, Double Edge Theatre and Gecko. As a movement and music-driven piece it clearly resonated with members of the audience, building excellent rapport on stage between the characters.

Both pieces were followed by effective talkback sessions with the audience.

The Collaborative Project makes up 25% of the IB course at Higher Level, in which pupils must create wholly original works in a group and focus on the four key roles of creator, performer, designer and director. The practical performance then gives them the basis for the written analysis and reflection which must be completed, in which they assess the effectiveness of their own individual contributions.

As an ending to their time at MCM, the evening demonstrated the cumulative effort and thought the pupils have put into their IB Theatre lessons, and these strong displays of work should be congratulated.

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