Science Week 2020 | Prep School

What a week we have had in the Prep Science department! This week we have been celebrating all things STEM for British Science Week 2020.  During form time pupils have been completing code-breaking activities as well as looking at some of the more unusual careers in science.  We have been very fortunate to have had speakers in to talk to the pupils about a variety of subjects including facial surgery, the science behind diving and arctic circle explorations to name but a few.  James Bond themed challenges have been keeping each year group busy this week and the pupils have also enjoyed some lunchtime activities to spark their curiosity of Science in different contexts.  As a final note, we would like to thank all those who donated items which have been on show in our MCM Science Museum.  This has been a truly wonderful exhibition of some of the curiosities of the scientific world and this has been enjoyed by classes from pre-pre to prep level.  We hope the week has ignited all pupil’s passion for science, in all of its different forms, and long may this continue.

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