Pi Day 2020 | Prep School

Every day we are delighted by the sheer strength of talent and ability we have within Marlborough College; be it on the sports field, on the stage or indeed in the classroom. This year’s Pi day; however, took this to a whole new level, with multiple pupils breaking through previous records. An incredible feat indeed and one that we are all very proud of. That being said, a massive congratulations must go to Alex Lamba who claims the top spot once again for the third year running, with his absolutely incredible and mind-bending result of 1,003 digits with zero incorrect digits. Another equally massive congratulations goes to Terry Gan who, in Year 6, has achieved 911 digits of Pi again with no errors.
Overall, our pupils should all feel very proud of their effort in learning Pi but we would like to give extra recognition to the following pupils for breaking into the 100 digit club.


Alex Lamba1,003 digits
Terry Gan911 digits
Arif Hans Romer253 digits
Jia Rui Cheung175 digits
Zeki Timimi162 digits
Eileen Gan127 digits
Max Sun119 digits
Joy Yan110 digits



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