MCM Careers Fair 2020

It was a pleasure to welcome 48 guest participants to the annual Careers Fair on Wednesday, 11th March, to meet with our Lower Sixth and Hundred pupils.  We were honoured to have Mr Sanjay and Mrs Pria Krishnan as our keynote speakers for the opening of the Fair. Both Mr and Mrs Krishnan have impressive and diverse backgrounds in global leadership and various strategic and operational roles, with an emphasis on sustainable growth whilst providing financial inclusion, social mobility, and opportunities for women in India. Both have been widely acknowledged internationally for their work with a variety of prestigious awards.

Following Mr and Mrs Krishnan’s heartfelt and inspiring words, the pupils spent time in small group sessions with the guests;  learning more about their careers, pathways, challenges, ongoing passion and the potential future direction of their industry and profession. Pupils greatly enjoyed and valued the opportunity to meet and interact with such a diversity of people representing a very wide spectrum of career possibilities.


Pupil comments included:

“The careers fair has motivated me to study hard and pursue a career that I am passionate about.”

“I went to a health and sciences session and the insight into medicine was fascinating; it fueled my passion even more.”

“I joined a group on plant science and can’t believe how fascinating I found it. It was something I had never thought about before but I am going to investigate further now.”

“Aviation was something new to me, but now I know a bit more about the operations of a flight, it is really interesting and has given me some ideas for my future plans.”


We greatly appreciate the support from the College community of parents, staff and pupils, along with a significant number of outside providers who joined us for a very enjoyable,  informative, stimulating and valuable afternoon.

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