Lectern Club "I want..."?

What would you choose to say if you were given the floor and the undivided attention of 19 other guests who awaited your thoughts on the topic of ‘I want…’?

Six eager first-time Lectern Club speakers set themselves exactly that challenge as they gathered for the final Lectern Club of the Lent term on Monday 9th March.  Guest judges, Sohana Jethnani and Nicholas Ng experienced the process of comparing the six different speeches from the perspective of originality, engagement and presentation and assisted in the tricky task of comparing speeches of very different styles.

We were treated to extremely erudite and logically presented arguments considering the concepts of want and need; others were much more personal, at times even soul-baring.  The judges’ deliberations reflected on the different techniques required for speaking for a shorter time (five minutes) or for longer (up to eight minutes) and the respective merits of highlighting personal anecdotes and well-researched data and information.  What is clear is that there is no one correct approach. There is no single formula to secure the prize of a red box of Lindor truffles and that’s what makes Lectern Club interesting. It is also clear that the young people of the MCM Sixth Form are thoughtful and have opinions and views to share. We applaud them for that and look forward immensely to the next evening in June.

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