House Aquathlon | Lower Prep

This term has seen pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 take part in the House Aquathlon competitions. Everyone involved put in a supreme effort to ensure close fought races. Well done to all of those who competed, and particularly to those who won their races. A big thank you for all the staff who organised the event, House Captain lifeguards and the parents who offered wonderful support on the day.
In the Prep school, the overall house winner for Year 3/Year 4 Girls and Year 5/Year 6 Girls was Hunt, for the Year 3/Year 4 Boys and Year 5/Year 6 Boys it was Merlin.
Y3A: Louis Ogilvie
Y4A: Arthur Hall
Y5A: Soshiro Kinoshita
Y6A: Orlando Goodson-Ong
Y3B: Louis Richardson-Sullivan
Y4B: Albert Zhang
Y5B: Charlie Appiah-Metcalf
Y6B: Warren Koay
Y3A: Bom Jung
Y4A: Isla Lennard
Y5A: Sarah Okamura
Y6A: Sophie Wright
Y3B: Michaela Byfield
Y4B: Julie He
Y5B: Isobel Ashworth
Y6B: Sena Wakamatsu

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