Prep Boarding House Debate

MCM recently introduced a new initiative for the Prep Boarding Houses. Both Taylor and Iskandar Prep Boarding houses took part in a friendly debate, regulated by one of our prefects Agung and judged by Mrs. Stevens.

The proposition was led by our Iskandar speakers: Mimi, Alice, Jazmine and Miss Smith, who wanted vegetarianism and veganism to be regulated by the law. The opposition was led by the Taylor representative: Ned, Olivier, Aadi and Mr Harvey. The teams were mixed to include pupils from Year 6 up to Year 8, with many hours spent prior researching and collecting data.

The debate was held in the Theatre, many Beaks and fellow pupils came to watch and support. Once both sides had finished speaking Miss Smith and Mr Harvey did a summary to leave a good lasting impression for their respective teams.

for each speaker to hear back from an unbiased voice. Voting took place for most persuasive argument, which resulted in Iskandar winning with a majority of 26 – 21, although Taylor won Mrs Stevens’ vote. 

Everyone left the theatre happy, with lots of students excited for the next House Debate. It was a great opportunity for students to gain confidence in public speaking, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone left that room a little bit wiser.

– Amelia | Iskandar, Year 8



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