Wellbeing - Lent Term Overview

This term we will be covering a wide range of topics at a level that is age-appropriate and informed by the current issues affecting our pupils. Outline content of part of the programme that will be delivered this term is explained below and the mapping to the principles of Positive Education and ‘Strive to Flourish’.

Across the whole of Prep School during the Lent Term, we focus on ‘Relationships’ in Wellbeing sessions.  In Pre Prep we look at relationships with regards to the different communities we are part of, how to be a good friend, sharing and conflict resolution. In Lower Prep (Y3 & Y4) expressing and managing feelings, friendships and dealing with loss. In Y5 and Y6 the theme of Relationships also includes recognising and understanding how we are growing and changing, including puberty; as well as personal hygiene and changing feelings. Teaching about puberty before children experience it is essential to ensure that pupils’ physical, emotional and learning needs are met and that they have the correct information about how to take care of their bodies and keep themselves safe. In Y7 & Y8 pupils will learn about healthy relationships, including friendships and intimate relationships; families; changing feelings and becoming more independent.  Across the whole school, we embed the concepts of keeping ourselves safe as well as developing self-esteem and confidence.  


In Hundred we are focusing on Positive Purpose, more specifically ‘Digital Literacy and Revision Skills’.

This term revisits some of the online safety topics covered in the Shell before moving on to cover more digital literacy skills to allow pupils to maximise the benefits that can be found from using technology, while ensuring they remain productive. They will also explore data protection and the idea of a digital footprint, supported by Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship resources. Prior to leaving for the Easter break pupils will dedicate time to developing their revision skills ahead of the IGCSE examinations.

In Remove the focus in on Positive Emotions with regard to ‘Mental Health and Empathy’.

This term lessons initially focus on recognising and dealing with our own emotions before moving on to consider the importance of emotional intelligence in our relationships with others and the importance of forgiveness. A debate on the relative importance of EQ (Emotional Quotient) vs IQ is a highlight of the term. Pupils complete the ‘VIA Character Strengths’ survey and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of personality profiling. Pupils also explore different mental health conditions and consider the role of empathy in forming positive relationships. 


Shell are learning about Positive Engagement in relation to ‘Online Safety’ and ‘Staying Connected’.

Having touched on social media during the Michaelmas term in the context of identity, the first sequence of lessons focuses on staying safe online and the potential hazards of internet usage, supported by Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship resources. Pupils will move on to consider the theme of connections, exploring the role that the internet may play in this and how to deal with, and help others deal with, loneliness. 


An important element (and common across Prep and Senior School) is the wellbeing tracker, an opportunity for pupils to consider tangible factors which contribute to their overall wellbeing. Each week, pupils from Year 5 through to U6 are asked to reflect and comment upon the seven areas below, information which is then shared with tutors and HMs. Year 3 and Year 4 are introduced to this reflective process through similar principles using a simplified tracker. This information informs conversations between beaks and pupils and also gives pupils a heightened awareness of areas which they can address to improve their overall sense of wellbeing. Pupils comment that this is the aspect of Wellbeing lessons which they themselves find most helpful. 

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