Desaru Beach Clean Project | Outreach

Boarders, day pupils and staff regularly travel to the Desaru coast to conduct beach cleans.

Post monsoon, the beaches are in a terrible state, full of debris and due to the limited accessibility from public services, the beaches are often long overdue a good clean. Many of our regular volunteer’s comment on the appalling amount of plastic, domestic refuse, as well as fishing waste, that ends up in our ecosystems.

Using the Cleanswell app, all the rubbish retrieved off the beach is logged. The data from each collection is then be evaluated by the Prep Outreach team but flip flops, single-use plastic water bottles and cigarette butts appeared to be the main offenders. However, larger items like broken beach chairs, chemical containers and a laundry basket were also found. In an effort to use less plastic ourselves,  the team trialling collecting beach debris in reusable sugar sacks and have proved to be very effective.


Mr Mason, Head of DT is also using the opportunity to collect bottle tops for the Precious Plastics Project that is being run by Sixth form members and the College Eco Council.

Joining the effort was Hazel Oakley from the Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRACC), who talked to the pupils about the risks of plastic and other waste to our ocean ecosystems.

The beach cleans are a wonderful opportunity to witness first hand our pupils’ eagerness to engage in matters of global significance and to commit to service opportunities. Furthermore, with so many different year groups attending pupils can develop socially and make new friends.


Throughout the stages of my education, I’ve learnt about the severity of the problems we face on our planet,  I’ve learnt how to make a change on an individual level, and I’ve learnt how to advocate change within my college community. However, in the future, I want to put myself in a position where I can enact change on a larger scale that goes beyond the notion of advocating, but instead translates over to genuine advancements in how we treat our planet.

– Shyam Bhuller, Upper Sixth

We can’t wait for the next beach clean in May 2020.


Disclaimer: Please note the views and opinion expressed by TRACC do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Marlborough College Malaysia.

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