Prep and Senior House Aquathlon

This term has seen pupils from the Senior School and Years 7 and 8 participate in House Aquathlon competitions. Pupils could compete both individually and as part of teams to allow for as many as possible to participate. While an annual event for the Prep School, this was the first time the event has been held for the Senior School, and everyone involved put in a supreme effort to ensure close-fought races. Well done to all of those who competed, and particularly to those who won their races.

In the Prep school, the overall house winner for boys was Seymour, and in the Senior school, the overall winner was Thompson. For girls, the Prep winner was Merlin, and the Senior winner was Wallace.


Y7A race: Olivier Bhogal (Seymour)

Y7B: Valentin Gatignol (Merlin)

Y8A: Will Harrison (Hunt)

Y8B: Aaron Yariv (Seymour)


U14 Individual: Sammy Patten (Sheppard)

U14 Team: Aaron Tan/Zach Thomas (Thompson)   


U16 Individual: Will Roue (Wills)

U16 Team: John Ascough/Tom Glynn (Sheppard)


U18 Individual: Jay Lilley (Thompson)

U18 Team: Jin Loong Chan/Ciaran Lynch (Wills)


Y7A race: Hannah Soh (Seymour)

Y7B: Jemima Gore (Merlin)

Y8A: Sophie Schwalb (Seymour)

Y8B: Eileen Gan (Hunt)


U14 Individual: Olivia Lennard (Wallace)

U14 Team: Jasmine Wright/Jemima Appiah-Metcalf (Butler)   


U16 Individual: Millie Gummer (Honan)

U16 Team: Larissa Thomas/Carolyn Chessher (Wallace)


U18 Individual: Steph Sullivan (Wallace)

U18 Team: Ella Mecurio/Nannarelle Hundertmark (Honan)




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