AIMS Maths 2020 | Year 6

From Thursday 9th to Friday 10th January, eight of our budding Year 6 Mathematicians went head to head with 144 of the strongest Mathematical minds from 17 schools across Malaysia in the 2020 AIMS competition, hosted by Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur.

Our two teams consisted of Ashlee, Ryan, Ying Ying and Andy making up our Palms team with Guy, Louis, Poppy, and Evelyn completing our Ferns team. Our two teams competed in various individual and group activities ranging from construction and physical activities to written and mental challenges. All activities were set at a challenging level and were pitched to stretch the participants and test their mental prowess.

After two days of intense focus we came away feeling very proud of all of our pupils and their varying achievements but a special congratulations must go to our Ferns team who placed second out of the 36 teams who entered the competition.


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