The Scholars' Big Break-In

On Monday, the 9th of December, the two groups of scholars united for a single mission. To enter the library in search of the key. The key to attain their dreams. To enter the reading room and snack on pizza while partaking in discussions on topics ranging from whether pineapple belongs on pizza—it certainly does— and how long you should sleep for.

To begin, the huge group of scholars entered one of the classrooms in the LRC to be briefed on their mission. Splitting off into two groups, we decrypted codes to discover the location of the key to enter the library. Jasmine, with her hawk eyes, located the candy cane with the clue that the rest of us failed to see, and led us to the trophies to retrieve the first key.

Charging into the library, momentary disappointment adorned our faces as we realised that was only the first test. We got into pairs and had two challenges, the first being a makeover. One of us was blindfolded and required to decorate our partners with toilet paper and morph them into mummies. Whilst everyone’s creations were humorous and some elegant, in the end Kohina and I won the mini-challenge. Our prize was to go first in an obstacle course. A test of faith where we had to trust our partner to lead us through a carefully crafted course, while one of our senses was robbed from us.

Putting my blindfold back on, I finally reached the end of the course, with Kohina waddling with me—still with her toilet paper costume crumbling before her— and I ripped off my blindfold to see the rest of our group stumbling along the course. It was then that I realised we had been deceived. We were just back where we had started. As everyone slowly trickled back to the library once again, Mrs Eatough handed us cards with book titles in them. Our final mini game was a round of Pictionary and Meredith proved herself extremely adept at guessing book titles from the scrawls of lines on the whiteboard.

Our quest was drawing to a close. After some failed attempts at addition, we learnt the 4 digit code to unlock the padlock. We had finally cracked the code and obtained the keys to unlock the reading room door. Racing in, we collectively leapt onto the sofa and dug into the pizza. However, we didn’t have long to bask in our glory, as the event drew to a close, and it was time to return home.

On behalf of all the scholars, we would like the thank Mrs Eatough, Miss Poots, and Mr Lennard for making this event possible, and helping forge bonds and connections between the scholars, making us an even closer knit group. It was a memorable night, and I personally can’t wait to see what else is in store for the scholars.

Elisa See, Shell

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