Prep Merit Winners Tea

On the 5th of December two merit winners from each year group went to Mr. Stevens’ Lodge and had afternoon tea with him. I was lucky enough to be a part of this enjoyable experience; having tea with the Master was a treat to end off the long term.

When all the merit winners arrived at his Lodge we were invited inside a fulfilling vivid living room where we were seated. Then, we each got a choice of many fragrant drinks and sat down and ate delectable treats, such as chocolate covered strawberries, scones filled with cream and jam, vanilla sponge cake and chocolate filled crispy pastries whilst chatting with the Master and Mrs Stevens about the academic term and hobbies and interests.

My visit at the Master’s Lodge was an extravagant way to spend the rest of my Michaelmas term. Furthermore, overall my experience was extremely pleasing and the Master’s Lodge had a very pleasant atmosphere.

Ashlee Strika, Year 6

For the prep merit winners we were very kindly invited to the Master’s Lodge. Mr and Mrs Stevens welcomed us in and as soon as we saw all the mouth watering foods our mouths dropped to the floor – there were even chocolate covered strawberries. We had many interesting conversations and it was nice to know where people were going for Christmas. As we left we were sure to give a firm handshake. We came back hardly being able to walk from all the cakes.

Ned Mercuri, Year 8


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